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the Kirton Drawn Back - christian artistic outreach and y.m.

His Sound ©1999

the voice of God beckoning to the lost
through sound living, doctrine and performance in the arts.


Art that reaches...

The KBD equips christians to learn to

  • Use various arts to invite people into a real relationship with Jesus.
  • keep God’s Word as the basis and Jesus as the focus.
  • reach out to the lost communicating in ways that really work.
Expect God to powerfully move in your city and expect that He is reaching out to you and to those around you.


Free Artistic Outreach Workshops

Host a weekend workshop in your area to get the Kirton Drawn Back on how to develop and use your art for God:

inside your organization and on the street...

We bring a Multimedia Presentation, and you choose one Practical Project:
    A. portable skits & human videos
    B. art/crafts
    C. web design
    D. or help with an outreach project already in the works.

Our AO Workbook is free.

Your area can create artistic outreach teams to offer God’s forgiveness to others...

Share God’s Love

Start a His Sound team in your area
and use easy and portable drama, evangelistic presents your own assembly creates, the internet to present God’s salvation offer and to promote your services, or just get insightful help to present God’s call at your event.

Photo ©K and S Kirton 1999

Photos ©K and S Kirton 1999
Two original His Sound members practicing “The Gift,”
found at our Free Scripts.

Photo ©K and S Kirton 1999

Photos ©K and S Kirton 1999

Want to know where we’ll be?

Visit our schedule page by clicking on “Schedule” in the NAVIGATION bar. If you are hosting an AOWW event you should see it listed upon confirmation.

His Sound is Not What You Think...

Do you know that the Creator of everything wants a personal, real, intimate relationship with you?

  • He wants to love you, give you gifts to benefit you and others around you.
  • He wants to show you the path toward wholeness and holiness.
  • He really wants to enter in, but first You must open the door to Him.

Hard to accept isn’t it? Why? Our memories contain a compiled image of God from tiny, broken pieces, not even knowing that some pieces are still missing and some are phony.

It is a bit like having had a mirror broken many years ago. The mirror got passed from generation to generation in a box. As the families moved, they often lost a piece here and there. Some people found mirror-like pieces around the house and outside on the playground and they thought that they should put those pieces in the box, just in case. Then, you came along, found the box and opened it. The instructions said, "all of the pieces are for a mirror that will show you what God is like." You tried to put the mirror puzzle together only to find that it didn’t seem to work. When you look into the mirror you see what looks like a Picasso painting in cubism: an eye here, an eye there, part of a mouth here, the nose isn’t even to be found, the body looks familiar, but it is contorted and scrambled.

That is why we have a hard time believing that God is a loving father. Not only are we looking at a broken mirror, but our own fathers didn’t look much like Him either to us or even to themselves when they looked into the mirror. It is hard to believe that God loves you when you haven’t spent serious time with Him. You spend time with your best friends and still, you can’t know everything about them. You can’t be there every minute of every day with them so you can’t completely know what makes them tick. God is the same way. I suggest you talk to Him and ask Him to show you who He is. The only scary part is that you will have to see yourself as you truly are, too. That is why most people don’t want to know God. They want to pretend that everything is fine without Him. So, is everything fine in your life?

Photos ©K and S Kirton 1999

Are you just a bit overwhelemed at the thought of reading the Bible?
Everyone is at first. Let us show you a few easy techniques for navigating the Best Selling Book Worldwide. Use the Bible translation guide provided below now, and soon, a KDB tutorial on how to use a concordance (it is that weird list that has bits and pieces of Scripture all indexed by single words to help you find the verses you are looking for in your Bible). For now use these:

Max Anders, “30 Days to Understanding the Bible”. Great book uses all three learning styles: know all the major people, places and events and be able to put them in chronological order (for adults-junior highers).
CBD’s easy find Bibles.
How to choose a Study Bible.
About/Comparing the Translations.
Bible Translations and Breakfast Cereal.
Reading Levels in Translations.

Examine the Word that He wrote for you, to make you whole, and to help you see His true image, not the one we usually “see”.

All photograph images ©K and S Kirton 1999

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