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1. Home
         Scripture Focus
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    2. Free Scripts - powerful, flexible skits and human videos.
    3. New - Materials for Missions/Outreach Directors, Youth Leaders, Youth.
    4. His Sound - Artistic Outreach info. and training.
    5. KDB Support - brochures, Virtual Card QR Code, Guestmap.
    6. Links

2. Free Scripts
    SkitScripts-MMII.pdf” Skit Scripts book
    HVScripts-MMI.pdf” Human Videos book
    Skit Script Singles (new scripts not in the book)
    What is a Human Video?
    Translating Skit Scripts Volunteers
3. New
    Tips for Directors
         All Tips in one PDF to download.
         or view individual tips.
    youth... and leaders
       devotionals, Bible Studies, games, more...
    art & charts
       for print or projection
       use in outreach, worship & study.
    the Christian life
4. His Sound
    Artistic Outreach/missions
    Outreach Team Training:
       “Free Artistic Outreach Weekend Workshops” (AOWW).
       AOWW request form pdf
5. KDB Support
    KDB information pdf
       of friends and partners worldwide...
6. Links
    to other ministries, script sites, and christian music resources in categories.
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