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the Kirton Drawn Back - christian artistic outreach and y.m.

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to all who support the KDB. You are our partners in this ministry reaching, training, and serving.

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We also pray you will support Gospel for Asia.

Browse our info. about the FREE Artistic Outreach Weekend Workshop which will teach effective artistic outreach principles to your assembly.

email us regarding questions, help, ideas, or if you just want someone to pray.

May He bless you more than you ever dreamed and may you know that He has made a way possible.
Phil. 3:14.

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We have discontinued our email list, but if you friend us on Facebook facebook.com/KirtonDrawnBack you will get instant updates on free scripts, articles, devotionals and graphic art for your ministry to use. Write on The Kirton Drawn Back wall for any questions/comments; adding how you found us.

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